Day One

Well not only did I survive the induction (two days of mandatory training on general hospital policies and procedures) but the first day in the department didn’t kill me either! It was certainly a shock though; I’ve recently become very aware of how limited my experience has been so far. During my course I worked at two placement sites, one of which had been officially opened a month before my first placement, and the other had an upgrade to its imaging department not too long ago. Therefore, I had become accustomed to a certain environment. The equipment at my new hospital is different to what I’m used to (I’ll go into detail in a later post) but I already feel like I’m getting to grips with it. The people are different as well- everyone’s so friendly! I’m not saying that previous colleagues have been unpleasant, but the attitude in large departments can sometimes be colder as people come and go so regularly, especially students. However this is a site with over 7,000 staff, and it’s not like that at all here; I’ve had people go out of their way to introduce themselves to me and make conversation. Even the patients seem more cheerful, but it’s possible I’ve had a lucky streak.

Let’s see how long it lasts! Bring on day two…

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