Busy busy busy…

Just a quick update before I dash up to Basingstoke for Uncaged Monkeys…

Last night was the first Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub at our new venue. And what a venue! It’s bigger, has a better layout, a stage and AV equipment (which will need setting up properly next time) and it’s in a better location (IMHO). Dr Chaz Shapiro enthralled us all with talk of Dark Matter and mapping the universe, while Dr Paul Curzon gave a very entertaining and mind boggling talk on Artificial Intelligence, with some fantastic practical demonstrations (involving rope and toilet roll tubes) and even a magic show! An evening of cosmology, computers, cake, and curry- what more could you want? I’m just a bit miffed that it’s my last Portsmouth SitP for a while, but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Also, last weekend I went to see Richard Herring’s Christ on a Bike, the Second Coming. Now I have been a fan of Lee & Herring for a long long time, but the stuff they’ve both done separately in recent years has been excellent, and COAB was no exception. It’s not for the religious, in fact there were even protesters when I saw him in Salisbury, but if you have a sense of humour and are of a rational mindset, I would highly recommend the DVD when it is released.

In other brief news, my Nepal visa arrived this week, which is awesome (22 days to go!) but it’s currently the run up to exams, so it’s taken the edge off somewhat. I’ll be going apeshit on the afternoon of the 26th though….

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