Bus Rant

Portsmouth Uni run a free bus service from one side of the island to the other for students living in halls and houses a couple of miles from the main campus. I’ll admit to being lazy most mornings when I have lectures starting at 9 or 10, and I hop on the bus instead of walking the one and a half miles to town.

But it’s always an eye opening experience. The bus stop is usually crowded with about 20 or 30 students waiting there (more if it’s raining/cold) blocking the pavement completely so pedestrians have to weave their way through the forest of people just to get through it. Of course some aren’t quite so reserved; and I really can’t blame them. One morning I saw a woman ram her buggy through the crowd taking everyone’s ankles out along the way, but in fairness to her she had loudly exclaimed “excuse me” before doing so. The pavement there is quite wide so there really isn’t any excuse, other than selfishness, to block it.

Then when the bus arrives everyone surges forward, elbows flailing, and people even use sports bags as a weapon to push their way through. It’s more calm and ordered at a Red Cross aid post than at the bus stop outside Lidl. Once people are on the bus, some are decent and go and sit, or stand towards the back, but others stand in front of the door with their back to it, ignoring those trying to squeeze onboard. They’ll do the same at the other end as well; it’s not their stop yet, so they’ll stand by the door, blocking it for people trying to get off.

This may seem like a really petty thing to moan about, and in itself it is, but I just find this level of selfishness and ignorance astonishing, from people who are, legally, adults. Especially when it’s fairly certain that they wouldn’t act this way in front of their parents.

Meh. Maybe I’m just a boring old person, but I think manners are pretty important, with or without a university education.

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