I miss…

…Krishna’s amazing cooking; what he can rustle up without an oven is nothing short of witchcraft.

…The breathtaking views of the mountains.

…Long energetic chats over dinner, sharing stories about the events of the day.

…Lazy evenings in the jazz bar, listening to soothing music and watching the lights reflect off the lake.

…Dancing to the covers band in Busy Bees til the early hours, meeting friends and making new ones.

…Sitting by the lake at midnight, watching the fireflies dance and listening to the frog chorus.

…Getting lunch in the basement canteen and swapping stories of the day so far.

…The chaotic bus ride to the hospital: “MANIPALMANIPALMANIPAL!”

…Haggling for taxis outside Metro City Hospital: “We’re not bloody tourists, don’t try to extort us!”

…Padma’s infectious smile.

…Trying to fit 6 people into a taxi on the way back from Lakeside at 1am, and REFUSING to pay NR200 for the pleasure.

…The epic monsoon rain, thunderstorms and beautiful lightning creating dramatic silhouettes of the mountains.

…BBQs on the roof!

…Admiring the incredible bravery and strength of the patients, some of whom reduced me to tears on the bus home.

…Watching Anna lust after paintings in the store near Fishtail.

…Chatting to random strangers in the street about anything from music to medicine, and their gratitude when they discover I’m not just some trekker passing through.

…Practising my (frankly rather awful) Nepali with patients while they wait for their x-rays.

…Dancing on the roof to avoid the bugs while attempting to get a Broadlink signal.

…Having a mocktail in Monsoon Bar and watching the police train in the field behind.

…Running through the monsoon like a nutter while the locals laugh at me from the shelter of the shops.

…Perfecting my Dr Alan Statham impression by flouncing through the basement in my white coat.

…Admiring the elite haggling skills of my housemates.

…Playing Angry Birds with the rad dept.

…The daily cups of seriously tasty tea made by the nurses.

…Singing La Bamba and dancing with a multicoloured umbrella outside the ATM while supposedly “protecting” Jay. (Yes, this only happened once but I miss it every day)

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