Home Sweet Home?

The second leg of the flight was interesting. I had a seat in the row directly behind first class so the leg room was vastly improved, and there was no one in the seat next to me… until the child belonging to the family across the aisle decided to sit there and continually bash into me and generally be really bloody annoying. No sleep for me then.

Then about halfway into the flight some crazy drunk lady decided to go on a loud racist rant-fest. She started shouting about how she wanted a Business Class upgrade and was declined even though there were empty seats “because Qatar Airways don’t want white people in Business Class!” which I found hilarious as when I walked through there earlier there were loads of white people enjoying their overpriced seats. So her tirade went on for about half an hour by which time everyone around me was muttering words to the effect of “shut up” as it had gotten rather tedious.

Then, when we eventually landed at Heathrow, none of us could leave for about 20 minutes while armed police boarded the plane to deal with the (now rather quite calm) situation.

When we were allowed off the plane, there was then the tense 15 minute wait at the luggage carousel, and then I met Matt at the arrivals gate.

After a long drive home (the A3 was closed so we ended up going round in circles trying to follow the diversion) we got back at about midnight.

So here’s the emo bit: after an awesome month, it’s actually been a bit depressing being back in Portsmouth. The mundanity of shopping in ASDA is tenfold now, and I just want to go back to Pokhara as soon as possible.

I miss Nepal.

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  1. PaulJ
    July, 3rd 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Welcome home (I think…).

    So, can we expect an informative talk on your experiences, at Portsmouth SitP?

    (Or maybe a slide show?)

  2. Cherry Black
    July, 3rd 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Oooh you don’t want a slideshow! I’ve just had the whole family over for an evening of “holiday snaps”; not sure I can inflict it on “members of the public”!

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