Last Night in KTM

Today was my last full day and night in Nepal and it could have been better! But it could have been worse.

It rained all day, so I tried to get around and see a bit of Kathmandu, I even downloaded a walking tour onto my iPhone but I couldn’t really walk around with my phone in my hand as it would have drowned. So I walked down to Durbar Square to see the temples and places like Freak Street, but there were military folk everywhere and I really don’t like how they stand with their fingers on the trigger while they’re milling about so I had a quick nose around and then wandered elsewhere. It wasn’t very easy to get around though as the streets are so narrow and everyone’s got umbrellas, and occasionally a rickshaw or motorbike will squeeze through so making progress is difficult. I gave up and headed back to Thamel where at least the streets are slightly more negotiable (omg I miss Pokhara so much) and picked up a few souveniers for next to nothing, as the shops weren’t selling at all today. I bought a silk dress for NR800 when the guy originally wanted NR2800 so it just shows how much profit they normally make!

So I mooched around for a bit, somewhat annoyed that I couldn’t see the city, and ended up at a hairdressers for no apparent reason. Got a haircut for NR275 but gave the change from a 500 note as a tip to the hairdresser as she did such a good job (I think so anyway). So that’s a cut and blow dry for less than a fiver.

Then I went over to the Last Resort office to collect my DVD from yesterday’s jump. The guy at the shop was the same one who harnessed me up on the bridge; he had a wicked sense of humour up there and it was still in action back on the ground, so that was cool. Then I went over to a restaurant for dinner as I had somehow managed to miss lunch. During dinner, Chloe, one of the girls who was at the Last Resort yesterday came over and joined me, and the evening picked up from there. We finished dinner and headed upstairs to Tom and Jerry’s-
holy shit there was just the loudest bang and a flash, and then the power went… eek! Anyway…
ahem. So we went to the bar and chatted for a while about all sorts, although a major theme was Auroville, a very new age concept for a sustainable community. Look it up, it seems incredible but a tad cultish, if you know what I mean. Plus there’s some controversy about paedophilia which is never a good sign.

Anyway we chatted for a while and then a Nepali guy (whose name I can’t remember) came over, I chatted to him before leaving for the Last Resort, and he wished me luck and told me if he didn’t see me back in the bar on Thursday then it means I fell to my death in the Bhote Kosi. So he and his mates came over and sat with us and we talked about all sorts of things until a vague kind of argument broke out between the guy and Chloe about trekking knowledge. I stayed out of it but it was all fairly good humoured anyway.

We all chatted until after midnight when we all got kicked out, so I ran back to the hotel in the rain, where I’m now writing this post. I ought to get to bed as I have to be up in 4 hours for my flight…

Good night!

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