36 Hours in Kathmandu

The journey back from the Last Resort was interesting. At points I thought that we were going to have to get out and walk, but the bus clambered over landslide after landslide, until eventually the driver noticed a problem with the rear wheels when we stopped at a roadside cafe halfway through the journey. I honestly didn’t notice and I was sat over the rear axle, but that might have something to do with the general state of the bus.

So we then transferred onto another bus for the remainder of the journey, and by this point it was dark and we were so high up the mountain that we were driving through thick cloudy fog which was so bad that you couldn’t see more than a metre or so in front of the windscreen. I’m assuming that the driver knew the road quite well as we didn’t plunge off the windy mountain road to our death, but there were some close calls with pedestrians, motorbikes, cars with faulty headlights.

We got back to Kathmandu and I remembered I didn’t have a hotel booked (well I did, but there was no way I was paying $30 a night again) so I asked one of the girls on the bus if she knew of anywhere cheap and cheerful. She showed me the way to where she was staying, a hotel on the outskirts of Thamel (the main touristy district of KTM) and they had a room available for less than £10 for 2 nights so I took it. It’s not great, I’ll admit, but it has a bed and a bathroom with a working shower so I will not complain.

I’ve just checked in online for my flight home, meaning that in 36 hours I’ll be leaving this stunning country, so I expect it’ll be yet another emotional journey. Especially if someone nicks my window seat again.

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