The Last Resort

I’m writing this part while sat in the bar/restaurant area at the Last Resort, a hotel built around a rather unique selling point, which is that it is only accessible by a bridge, 160m above the Bhote Kosi river. Getting here was an adventure in itself: I left the hotel at 5.30am to meet the bus which was to take us the 100km to the resort. However it stopped about 4km short due to a landslide (just as I was starting to enjoy being in the comfiest vehicle since the flight here 3 weeks ago) so we had to walk the rest of the way. This wasn’t really a problem for the other guys on the bus as they only had day bags, but I had my rucksack with everything in it, and for someone as weak and unfit as I am, carrying 20kg over rubble, river and road is not a walk in the park.

The first treacherous climb was over a 6ft high pile of rubble which had descended from the mountain. Climbing up was ok but I was pretty convinced I was going to fall as the rocks gave way beneath my feet on the way down, but somehow I survived. Until the next bit, where I went to overtake someone who was walking slowly and ended up sinking up to my knees in gravel and quicksand. Giles, one of the guys who was walking with us grabbed my camera out of my hand and a local Nepali guy took my rucksack so I could wriggle free, which was a massive help as I was still sinking rapidly, but I lost my shoes, which was annoying. Luckily I have another pair, but I kinda need to hold on to these ones. Giles also kindly took a photo of me looking bedraggled and muddy, which was nice.

He’s an English ex-pat maths teacher who is accompanying 4 students (also ex-pats) from a school in Singapore, but up until 10 years ago he lived in Southampton. I figured they’d be rich brats as on the bus one of them was talking about how daddy owns an island in Indonesia…

After an hour and ten minutes of walking we arrived at the spectacular bridge which leads to the resort, but which also doubles as the bungee platform, which I am apparently jumping off of tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes, but for now I’ve booked myself a massage as my back is killing me. At least if the road isn’t cleared by tomorrow it’s a downhill walk.

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