Leaving Pokhara

Today I packed up my stuff (abandoning a pair of shoes and a towel) and checked out of the hotel. I went to the airport via the WtW house as I owed Anna some money from last night, and I was hoping to bump into Sunil or Aneeta to thank them for their help throughout my stay. They were both there, and so was Padme the housekeeper so it was really lovely to say goodbye to the three of them. I then got back in the taxi and went to the airport. I got there quite early so one of the guard-type people ran out on to the runway to see if the earlier flight had left yet. Can you imagine that at Gatwick? The flight had gone so he kindly carried my bag upstairs to the restaurant (the stairs were missing, it was just a load of concrete rubble to clamber over and he fell over twice which I felt awful about) where I waited for a couple of hours.

I eventually went through “security” where a female officer glanced inside my bag and made a poor attempt at patting me down, and then got on my flight. It was really cloudy and I couldn’t see the mountains, but there was more of that pesky dust getting in my eyes again so I wouldn’t have been able to see them anyway. The guy in the seat across from me looked a bit freaked out at the crazy Western lady crying on the plane, so I attempted to compose myself.

Arriving at KTM was interesting, they just dump your bag on a platform which anyone can access, and a couple of people tried to take my bag, probably to try to get me to pay them to carry it so I just grabbed it back and marched away from the airport. I got in a cab and let myself get ripped off because I had no idea how much it should have cost. Apparently NR300 is the going rate but I paid NR500, oh well. I chatted with the driver all the way and he was nice enough so sod it.

The Kathmandu Guest House is very nice, but so expensive ($30 for a night) so I won’t be staying there on Weds/Thurs when I get back. I can survive without he palatial views for two nights. So I’m currently sat in a bar over the road called Tom and Jerry’s and they’re playing everything from Rainbow to Prodigy which is good enough for me, although I could have done without the Macarena.

5am start tomorrow; meeting at the Last Resort office at 5.45 for the bus to the Tibetan border. I am shitting a brick about jumping off that bridge.

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